Caltech Rankmaniac 2012

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Thank you from your beloved Rankmaniacsnk


rankmaniac 2012 graph

Is this true for most rankmaniacs?

The competition ends in an hour, so this may be our last post!  Unless we decide to share the results… Thank you for your readership, even if you get here by accident, and thank you for helping us with our homework.  We really appreciate it 🙂  At Caltech we’ll take all the help we can get.

From the rankmaniacs,

Janis, Jadot, Judy, and Dan


The P/F technique

rankmaniac 2012

Rankmaniacs Try and Try and Then Give up

There is one technique that rankmaniacs use often in Caltech classes, especially those involving math or proofs or explanations.  In the title I called it the P/F technique although it can also be called “hand waving” or “It’s 5am, and I don’t care anymore”.

This is best applied when one knows the answer or at least what the TAs and prof want to hear, but are unsure of why it is correct.  It is a skill acquired by all Caltech students (and possibly any college student).  By the way, Rankmaniac 2012.