Caltech Rankmaniac 2012

We are trying to educate people about being CS majors and getting our site to the top of a Rankmaniac 2012 google image search

Rankmaniac 2012

Curious about our class project?  You are in the right place!

rankmaniac 2012 caltech logo

We are Caltech Rankmaniacs!!!

We are in a class called The Ideas Behind the Web taught by Adam Wierman. While this course focuses on what makes the web work, for this particular project we are learning about how search engines work. And what better way to learn than to try our own hand at it?

Our project, entitled Rankmaniac Reloaded, is to create a webpage featuring an image that ranks highly on Google and Bing image search for the query “rankmaniac 2012”.  Our team, Janis, Judy, Bryan, and Daniel, will utilize search engine optimization methods to improve the rank of our page and image on the different search sites.

If you are curious in a more detailed outline of our progress in this project, visit which has a day to day update on our project.


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