Caltech Rankmaniac 2012

We are trying to educate people about being CS majors and getting our site to the top of a Rankmaniac 2012 google image search

CS majors have computers!

rankmaniac 2012 apple

rankmaniac computer

For the sake of keeping on topic on the last night of Rankmaniac 2012, I, who am actually pretty clueless about computers, will attempt to talk about what computers CS majors have.

Keep in mind, (this is Janis btw), that I began my career at Caltech as an applied math major and came from a school where the only computer programming class was HTML taught by the wrestling coach who was only there because our wrestling team were state champs.  (I learned how to change the colors and font on my myspace page, yaaay!).  Anyways, when it came time to choose a computer for college, my parents and I went for a MacBook pro because it came with a free iTouch or something.  I like my Mac (and all of my Apple products) and has overall functioned very well throughout my time at Caltech.

So, I know of other CS majors with Macs, what other computers do rankmaniacs have?

I apologize for the lame post… it’s late, I’m tired, and this page really needed an update.


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