Caltech Rankmaniac 2012

We are trying to educate people about being CS majors and getting our site to the top of a Rankmaniac 2012 google image search

Why Computer Science is the best major

CS is definitely the best major for these reasons:

  1. Highest starting salary – CS majors regularly get paid anywhere between $75,000 – $90,000 right out of college (Facebook pays as much as $110,000 plus bonuses and options).
  2. Workplace is super chill – CS companies often have free beer, meals and no dress code.  Trust me – it’s freaking awesome (unless you don’t like beer).
  3. The tech industry is booming – You will be able to find a job a lot easier than your friends.
  4. It can be pretty low stress – Compared to other jobs, software engineering positions have been continuously rated for their low stress levels.
  5. Give you a chance to be creative – You will be working on big projects – most companies give a lot of leeway to their developers.
  6. You can change the world – A lot of CS positions involve working on really big/important projects.  On top of that, with your skill set you have the ability to create the next Facebook or Google.
  7. Chicks dig CS majors – Chicks are attracted by our naturally white skin and fat wallets.  Beware of the CS effect on women.

Computer Nerd Rankmaniac 2012


One response to “Why Computer Science is the best major

  1. Janis February 11, 2012 at 11:21 am

    i looove how chicks dig my pasty white skin. 😛

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